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headshot  Nanette Balchin

Nanette Balchin is a mixed media artist who incorporates her printmaking with her other loves -- the creation of artists' books and unique surfaces created through layering of collage, print, stitch and text. In printmaking Nanette explores collographs, monoprinting, cyanotype, relief and simple etching processes and seeks to incorporate prints into assemblages and book structures rather than presented in a traditional way. With artist books Nanette presents a narrative where the book structure is as important as the images and text it contains. These may take on 2D or 3D forms or book forms. Through found object assemblage she explores the combination of text and form to create meaning.

Nanette has exhibited in Central Queensland and beyond for over 14 years and has recently toured her encaustic work and books, assemblage work, paintings and prints for the regionally touring exhibition "Caravan of Curiosities". Nanette has also created fabric collage work on a theme of "Horizons" for an exhibition in Newcastle in October 2018 and for her entries into the 2019 Bayton Award and CQU Creates.

Her most recent work is a collection of artists' books, collages and small assemblages for an exhibition at Blarney Books and Arts with Peta Lloyd called "Omnium Gatherum" which explores the themes of sea, blueness, alchemy, layer and touch.

Historically her art has explored themes of optimism, renewal and self-discovery as well as a love of the expressive power of colour, surface, texture and mark. Nanette has found inspiration from the expressive and colourful surfaces created by Vincent Van Gogh. Her symbolism of Van Gogh's chair, sunflowers, a swirling sky and mandala like boats reflect her ongoing journey of optimism and curiosity.

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headshot  Michelle Black

Michelle Black is a freelance graphic designer with a passion for printmaking.

2018 saw a major shift in Michelle's work, a result of experimenting with different techniques and materials within printmaking; story-telling from scientific data, extending her work beyond the simple yet bold linoprints that previously dominated her practice.

These experimentations included monoprinting with Fitzroy River mud in a body of work investigating historical flooding in Rockhampton. Further development of this idea saw Michelle using river mud and inter-tidal mud flats to create the printing matrix from which to print in a more traditional manner with ink, and using sea water and sand to make marks in cyanotype prints.

Enjoying a looser and more spontaneous way of working while in this busy time of life as a working parent and business owner, Michelle plans to continue experimenting and playing with alternative printmaking mediums that offer a less rigid way of working whilst exploring interesting bookmaking and 'out of the frame' techniques. Michelle has a strong interest in linking science or data with art; and enjoys responding to the environment, her 'place', travels and family and local history.

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Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

After the full moon: Collagraph on cotton paper, 2011 (left); Untitled works: Cyanotype on cotton paper from digitally altered photgraph by William Renton, 2016 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

13ft. and rising: Artist Book with mud, polyester lithograph, stitch, 2018 (left); 14 ft. 4 in. under: Monoprint with mud, polyester lithograph, indigo, stitch, 2018 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Botanica: Artist Book with eco prints, wire, stitch, glass petri dish, 2018 (left); Ferric: Artist Book with rust prints, wire, stitch, glass petri dish, 2018 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Fitzroy floating: Artist Books with mud and indigo-Monoprinted Origami Sculpture, 2018 (left); Storm tide: Molulito print on cotton paper, 2018 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

The lifelines 13ft. and rising The Big One: Monoprinted Origami Sculpture and Artist Books with mud, polyester lithograph, indigo, stitch, 2018 (left); The rescue boats: Artist Books with polyester lithograph, stitch, 2018 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Tidelines: Artist Book with rust print, indigo, wire, beach sand, glass jar, 2018 (left); Canopy: Cyanotype on hosho, driftwood, wire, 2019 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Experimental cyanotype and salt crystals on cotton paper 2, 2019 (left); Experimental cyanotype and salt crystals on cotton paper, 2019 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Outgoing Tide: Cyanotype and salt crystals on cotton paper, 2019 (left); Outgoing Tide Detail: Cyanotype and salt crystals on cotton paper, 2019 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Overflow I: Collagraph and drypoint on cotton paper, 2019 (left); Overflow I Detail: Collagraph and drypoint on cotton paper, 2019 (right).

Michelle Black Portfolio Michelle Black Portfolio

Overflow IV: Collagraph and drypoint on cotton paper, 2019 (left); The Longest Flight: Collagraph and drypoint on cotton paper, 2019 (right).

headshot  Linda Douglas

Linda spends her time between Brisbane and Rockhampton both teaching mixed media and working on her own arts practice. She is a member of the Capricornia Printmakers Inc and the Shorncliffe Pottery Club, regularly visits Rockhampton and outback Queensland, and travels interstate to teach workshops in printmaking and mixed media.

Linocuts are Linda's favoured printmaking technique... "while it's a meditative, slow method, there's a directness that makes the finished result a quick and satisfying one".

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

Montage of 'Umiko and the Wrasse' - narrative and images by the artist. Entry, Double Exposure Exhibition 2016, Sculpture prize, Shorncliffe Pottery Club, 2017 (left). 'Umiko and the Wrasse' -Linoprinted boat, monoprinted pages, handwritten text (centre). 'Umiko and the Wrasse' - clay doll, linoprinted handmade dress, linoprinted coptic bound miniature book (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

Excerpt from 'Botanical Perspectives', Double Exposure 2017. Botanical printing on paper (left). 'Singularity' - the point in a black hole where gravity ceases to exist. Singularity, CPI Exhibition, 2018. Linoprint on paper (centre). 'Singularity' - Singularity, CPI Exhibition, 2018 Linoprint on paper (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Skin' - Each of these animals is on the endangered list. Their skin pattern are unique. Singularity, CPI Exhibition 2018, Linoprint on paper (left). Lion series, linocuts (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Fables', (detail) Biblioart Book Awards, handbound book, 1of 6, linoprints, monoprints (left and centre). 'Fables', Biblioart Book Awards, handbound books, linoprinted and monoprinted covers (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio image alt text Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Skin', Singularity, 2018 (left). 'The Gypsy Goddess', Biblioart Book Awards, 2017 caravan holding 3 hand bound mini books, tarot cards, linoprints (centre). 'The Gypsy Goddess', narrative by the artist, coptic handbound book (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio

Gypsy Caravan, Biblioart entry photo (left).

headshot  Susan Dunne

Sue grew up on a cattle property in the Taroom district and now lives at Alton Downs. She is primarily a photographer, drawn to images of natural subjects and now delving into impressionistic photography. She likes colour and movement, softness and hints of clarity in her images.

She has some formal photography training, but is largely self-taught, learning through experimentation. Following the recent (2019) Double Exposure exhibition, she has now begun to explore different printmaking techniques.

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headshot  Clare Ford

Short bio.

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headshot  Nora Hanasy

I am a visual artist and educator based in Emu Park, Queensland. I work in all areas including painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital art. I have 16 years' experience teaching Visual Arts and currently I am the senior Visual arts teacher at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. I am a member of Capricornia Printmakers and the Emu Park Art Gallery.

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headshot  Aileen Hubbard

Short bio.

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headshot  Michele Kershaw

Short bio.

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headshot  Carmel Knowles

After teaching secondary school Art for 25 years, I resigned to devote time to my own, neglected art practice, to participate in workshops and courses. Recent works have used printmaking and a variety of 3-D media to create small, staged assemblages that play with scale, textures and hopefully, speak to the viewer about some aspects of being human. I joined the Emu Park Gallery in 1012. As a member of the Capricorn Printmakers, I've enjoyed playing with a variety of printmaking techniques particularly for exhibitions that permit a great deal of experimental work.

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headshot  Amanda Lawrence

Having grown up in Central Queensland, its landscape and culture, particularly of the Capricorn Coast, is a source of inspiration for Amanda Lawrence, manifesting in print works and art jewellery.

While meandering along the beaches of the area, she found many 'treasures' washed up and has incorporated some of these as her inspiration for the 2018 Singularity exhibition. Using pieces of driftwood and scraps of old plates for her matrices she hoped to evoke the uniqueness we each possess, while being part of a singular species.

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headshot  Diana Lewis

I signed up for lino printing workshops after the Double Exposure exhibition caught my eye. I am now a member of Capricornia Printmakers.

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headshot  Peta LLoyd

Peta 'plays' in her studio everyday, she prints using her treasured etching press, applies encaustic to wood, paper and plaster, makes artist's books and journals, collages with textiles and stitch. Peta also assembles visual narratives that are housed in vessels and boxes. Peta's studio is often referred to as 'a cabinet of curiosities', her found objects line the benches of her studio, proudly displayed in glass bottling jars as well as inside wooden boxes or suitcases.

There are times when Peta isn't in her studio, she may be weeding her garden or even doing a spot of housework, or she may be 'somewhere' around the country teaching others the skills of printmaking, collage, encaustic work, artist's books or assemblage.

Peta likes to 'mix 'n match' techniques, using stitch and encaustic on paper or, crocodile teeth and porcelain doll parts in assemblages. Collagraph and drypoint plates are Peta's favourite printmaking techniques.

Peta LLoyd Portfolio

Peta LLoyd Portfolio

Peta LLoyd Portfolio Peta LLoyd Portfolio

headshot  Nellie Lovegrove

Short bio.

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headshot  Belinda McGrath

Short bio.

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headshot  Yvonne Moloney-Law

Short bio.

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headshot  Sally North

I am a member of the Rockhampton Photography Club and the Capricornia Printmakers Inc, thoroughly enjoying both genres of artistic expression.

New to printmaking in the last two years, I am enjoying exploring the multitude of possibilities for this form of art. I am also exploring combining my photography with a printmaking aspect, attending workshops with Ellie Young at Gold Street Studios out of Melbourne for alternative/historic photographic hand printing processes, such as Gum Bichromate, Palladium & Platinum and Collodion Chloride.

Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal, 2019 Cyanotype detail, Leaves, 2019

Gum Bichromate, Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal, 2019 (left); Cyanotype detail, Leaves, 2019 (right)

Artists Book, 2019 Cyanotype, Rhythms 2019

Shell Memories Artists Book, Double Exposure Exhibition 2019(left); Cyanotype, Exhibited in Rhythms 2019 (right).

headshot  Sambuddh Saraswati

I began various art courses at East Sydney Tech in the 60's but they were not completed due to work commitments in television and film. Apart from illustrations in various yoga books while living, working and training in India for over 20 years, it was not until I came to live in Yeppoon that I completed my Diploma of Visual Arts. Majoring in painting and printmaking, I was very interested when we started the Capricornia Printmakers Inc, which has flowered into a studio, press, exhibitions and various community projects.

Over the years I have taken part in many exhibitions at the Village Festival of Arts and Music and local and international print swaps. I have been exhibiting at the Mill Gallery in Yeppoon, as well as CPI Exhibitions and the Rockhampton Art Gallery.

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headshot  Phillipa Sturgess

Phillipa Sturgess has dabbled in a range of artistic styles through her adult life,, with dance becoming her main creative endeavour for many years. Recently entering a post-employment phase of her life has allowed Phillipa to further explore the discipline and serendipity of the visual arts, currently through the medium of relief printing.

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headshot  Lynn Zelmer

Primarily working with digital prints, Lynn is a computer-based model designer and printmaker with an audio-visual background. He has worked with print, photography, film and television, radio, and training simulations; and has a passion for developing large interpretive posters for museum and other educational purposes.

Lynn's personal archives.

Dragon-Phoenix, ORIGINS 2017 Yeppoon Goods Shed, Singularity 2018

Dragon and Phoenix linoprint for Origins Exhibition, 2018 (left). Yeppoon Goods Shed decoupage for Singularity Exhibition 2018 (right).

Selected other printmaking: Rainbow Falls poster, 2017; Dragon and Phoenix poster, 2018; QR Workshops print, 2018; Swamp Bloodwood poster, 2019.

Swamp Bloodwood for Double Exposure 2019

Swamp Bloodwood triptych (digital print) from photos by Ian McKeague, Double Exposure 2019 (left).

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