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   Linda Douglas

Linda spends her time between Brisbane and Rockhampton both teaching mixed media and working on her own arts practice. She is a member of the Capricornia Printmakers Inc and has set up her pottery studio at home. Linda regularly visits Rockhampton and outback Queensland, and travels interstate to teach workshops in printmaking and mixed media.

Linocuts are Linda's favoured printmaking technique... "while it's a meditative, slow method, there's a directness that makes the finished result a quick and satisfying one".

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

Montage of 'Umiko and the Wrasse' - narrative and images by the artist. Entry, Double Exposure Exhibition 2016, Sculpture prize, Shorncliffe Pottery Club, 2017 (left). 'Umiko and the Wrasse' -Linoprinted boat, monoprinted pages, handwritten text (centre). 'Umiko and the Wrasse' - clay doll, linoprinted handmade dress, linoprinted coptic bound miniature book (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

Excerpt from 'Botanical Perspectives', Double Exposure 2017. Botanical printing on paper (left). 'Singularity' - the point in a black hole where gravity ceases to exist. Singularity, CPI Exhibition, 2018. Linoprint on paper (centre). 'Singularity' - Singularity, CPI Exhibition, 2018 Linoprint on paper (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Skin' - Each of these animals is on the endangered list. Their skin pattern are unique. Singularity, CPI Exhibition 2018, Linoprint on paper (left). Lion series, linocuts (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Fables', (detail) Biblioart Book Awards, handbound book, 1of 6, linoprints, monoprints (left and centre). 'Fables', Biblioart Book Awards, handbound books, linoprinted and monoprinted covers (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Skin', Singularity, 2018 (left). 'The Gypsy Goddess', Biblioart Book Awards, 2017 caravan holding 3 hand bound mini books, tarot cards, linoprints (centre). 'The Gypsy Goddess', narrative by the artist, coptic handbound book (right).

Linda Douglas Portfolio

Gypsy Caravan, Biblioart entry photo (left).

Linda Douglas Portfolio

'Celebrating the Whale' (2022). Edition: VE1/3, linoprint, watercolour.

Isn't it interesting that the largest animals in the world eat the smallest. Welcome to the whale.

They are the filters of the ocean in every way. Whales capture carbon from the atmosphere, recirculate the ingested fish and plankton through their waste and create nutrients that are crucial to the primary production of the marine ecosystem.

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