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Primarily working with digital prints, Lynn is a computer-based model designer and printmaker with an audio-visual background. He has worked with print, photography, film and television, radio, and training simulations; and has a passion for developing large interpretive posters for museum and other educational purposes.


Self-portrait (?) within self reflection lino a/p 2022

Selected other printmaking: Rainbow Falls poster, 2017; Dragon and Phoenix poster, 2018; QR Workshops print, 2018; Swamp Bloodwood poster, 2019.

Lynn's personal archives.

CWA Cottage | Latitude 23 | 2022

Celebrating CWA Qld's 100th Anniversary | Latitude 23 Arts True Colours Exhibition | Fig Tree Galleries, Yeppoon, 5-28 August 2022

Lino print for 2022 CPI Print Day

Screaming in terror or climbing out of the [Covid/bureaucratic] morass??. Lino print (artist's proof) and hand cut block for CPI Print Day in May | "Self-reflection/self-portrait", 2022.

2021 Neighbourhood Exhibition

Incarcerated: Hand printed lino and digital techniques with hand-cut decoupage, Neighbourhood 2021... a sombre glimpse of the world beyond our current political barriers and public health regulations.

Double Exposure 2021

Created for DE 2020 (cancelled by Covid) the collaboration between Mark Collins, photographer, and Lynn Zelmer, printmaker, resulted in this Iron Pot Locality panorama and detail variations including a 1000 piece jigsaw for Double Exposure 2021.

Assemblage, 2019 Off The Wall

House of Cards assemblage at 2019 Off The Wall exhibition. Exterior views (Lynn Zelmer) and interiors (Peta Lloyd).

poster, 2019 Off The Wall

Disposable wall poster showing the 80 plus exterior images in the House of Cards (2019 Off The Wall exhibition, above). Eighteen plus views, chosen randomly, make up each of five unique works with Peta Lloyd's prints on the reverse side.

Swamp Bloodwood for Double Exposure 2019

Swamp Bloodwood triptych (digital print) from photos by Ian McKeague, Double Exposure 2019.

Monoprint flag book

Monoprint detail November 2019, end of double-sided print used for flag book (see below).

Monoprint for flag book

Monoprint/Flag Book workshop

Monoprint, bound flag book 2019.

DE 2018 promo

Eye of the Brolga detail from artist's proof, first variation, used for Double Exposure 2018 promotion, Joan Tomkins (photographer), Lynn Zelmer (printmaker).

Dragon-Phoenix, ORIGINS 2017

Dragon and Phoenix linoprint for Origins Exhibition, 2018.

Yeppoon Goods Shed, Singularity 2018

Yeppoon Goods Shed decoupage for Singularity Exhibition 2018 (right).

Double Exposure 2017, three doorways

Double Exposure 2017: Fran McFadzen (photographer), Lynn Zelmer (printmaker), exploring the view through an ex-bank entry with several sizes of print for the exhibition, greeting cards, etc.

Didactic for 2017 Geologica print

The Geologica 2017 image (left) was printed in several sizes for large and small display, greeting and promotional cards, etc. This large print served as the didactic for the mounted A3 exhibition print.

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