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Nanette Balchin is a mixed media artist who incorporates her printmaking with her other loves -- the creation of artists' books and unique surfaces created through layering of collage, print, stitch and text. In printmaking Nanette explores collographs, monoprinting, cyanotype, relief and simple etching processes and seeks to incorporate prints into assemblages and book structures rather than presented in a traditional way. With artist books Nanette presents a narrative where the book structure is as important as the images and text it contains. These may take on 2D or 3D forms or book forms. Through found object assemblage she explores the combination of text and form to create meaning.

Nanette has exhibited in Central Queensland and beyond for over 14 years and has recently toured her encaustic work and books, assemblage work, paintings and prints for the regionally touring exhibition "Caravan of Curiosities". Nanette has also created fabric collage work on a theme of "Horizons" for an exhibition in Newcastle in October 2018 and for her entries into the 2019 Bayton Award and CQU Creates.

Her most recent work is a collection of artists' books, collages and small assemblages for an exhibition at Blarney Books and Arts with Peta Lloyd called "Omnium Gatherum" which explores the themes of sea, blueness, alchemy, layer and touch.

Historically her art has explored themes of optimism, renewal and self-discovery as well as a love of the expressive power of colour, surface, texture and mark. Nanette has found inspiration from the expressive and colourful surfaces created by Vincent Van Gogh. Her symbolism of Van Gogh's chair, sunflowers, a swirling sky and mandala like boats reflect her ongoing journey of optimism and curiosity.

Nanette Balchin portfolio Nanette Balchin portfolio

Bloom - Box/Artist Book

Nanette Balchin portfolio Nanette Balchin portfolio

Portholes book, 2019 (left), Ripples book (right)

Nanette Balchin portfolio

Who-I-Am 2, a print assemblage.

Nanette Balchin portfolio

A curious story about Vincent and me, second view

Nanette Balchin portfolio

Monoprint from Dearest Nanette series - Always Yours, 2013

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