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     Yvonne Moloney-Law

'I create award-winning Australian artworks to enrich your life. Through colours inspired by the natural light and textures organic to this land, I transform surfaces with my unique approaches. Everything I do reflects the natural environments and culture of Australia. These exclusive images will bring the landscapes of Australia into any space.'

I'm a multi-disciplinary, award-winning artist, who is passionate about Australia - its environment and culture. Australiana inspires my poetic images and I figuratively blend images of the natural environment seeking connection with our unique culture.

Creating narratives from traditional legends & stories of place and intertwining conservation issues with the dynamic principles of nature and landscape, I observe organic textures, colour, natural light and ties to the natural world. I pay homage to the significance of water, life, flora and fauna in our eco-system to stimulate thought and awareness of our environment & the landscapes of Australia.

I work predominantly in Print-making & Oil painting, crafting images through a unique printmaking technique. Every stunning 'one of a kind artwork' is created by an exclusive use of fine-particle etching or through my unique style of painting & mixed media application methods. This multi-level contemporary approach, replicates the interconnectivity between nature, life & the culture of Australia. It's all about the landscapes, ecological conservation, science, & culture.

I have exhibited with high profile Australian artists, with works having been selected into and receiving awards in high profile Fine Art competitions throughout Australia. My works are held in collections in Australia, the United Kingdom, U.S.A. & Europe.

Exhibited Print | Neighbourhood 2021

Black summer fires, in the line of fire, 2021. Unique colour variation 2 | Fine particle etching; intaglio print on BK Rives 300gsm cotton paper

Exhibited Print | Neighbourhood 2021

Black summer fires, smoke and ash, 2021. Unique colour variation 3 | Fine particle etching; intaglio print on BK Rives 300gsm cotton paper

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