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Catalogue | 11th Annual Exhibition "Afloat""

7 - 16 October 2022 | Walter Reid Gallery

Exhibitors: Nanette Balchin | Michelle Black | Linda Douglas | Yvonne ELTON (Moloney-Law) | Angela Heffer | Michele Kershaw | Carmel Knowles | Heather La Bash | Sarah Larsen | Amanda Lawrence | Niloufar Lovegrove | Peta Lloyd | Belinda McGrath with Shannon McCallum | Alys Mendus | Sally North | Sambuddhananda Saraswati | Phillipa Sturgess

Exhibition invitation.


Nanette Balchin | Afloat

Cyanotype, fabric collage, feathers

Afloat is a state of being that feels loose alive and free. To feel this buoyancy and lightness of spirit is joyful and uplifting.

Balchin exhibition image

Michelle Black | Changing Tide

Pierced and toned cyanotype print on 100% cotton paper, mounted on wood panel

Ocean water, sand and early morning sun collaborate to mark a moment in time at the change of tide, the cyanotype print processed while afloat on the sea.

Black exhibition image

Linda Douglas | Celebrating Whales

Lino print, watercolour

Isn't it interesting that the largest animals in the world eat the smallest. Welcome to the whale -- the filters of the ocean in every way.

Whales capture carbon from the atmosphere, recirculate the ingested fish and plankton through their waste and create nutrients that are crucial to the primary production of the marine ecosystem.

Douglas exhibition image

Yvonne Elton (Moloney-Law) | Billabong Afloat

Hydrosheen inks + watercolour, Inktense pencils, & Offset inks on Cast Coated paper. H 69 x 56 cm

Bondoola, the traditional name of the place of many waters. Where Billabongs are afloat with waterlilies, and embellished by the song of the Brolga's dance.

Elton exhibition image

Angela Heffer | Out of the blue

Cyanotype on watercolour paper

My only experience snorkelling with Whale Sharks is a vicarious one, however I have been entranced by their gracefulness and the way these huge marine creatures appear through the blue water at Ningaloo Reef.

In this Cyanotype I combined hand drawing and collected bits of seaweed to show the Whale Shark floating below the water's surface.

Heffer exhibition image

Angela Heffer | Whale Shark

Cyanotype on watercolour paper

Whale sharks and Cyanotypes share an element of mystery. You never know exactly what may appear in front of you.

My aim in developing this print was to recreate the surprising clarity of the markings of a huge whale shark seen gliding through the blue waters of Ningaloo Marine Park in W.A.

Heffer exhibition image

Michele Kershaw | Drifter

Media Multi plate woodcut

Weather builds, rains come, the river swells
The lotus floating on the lagoons are swept by the river to the sea
Gathered by ocean currents, they then appear as flotsam washed up on the shores of our beaches
Their journey and life form to be reimagined.

Kershaw exhibition image

Carmel Knowles | In-between - Life with a Suitcase

Hand coloured drypoint on carborunbum plate

Afloat. Not anchored.
Adrift. Not connected.
People who find themselves in-between - in-between houses, places, countries, casualties of power imbalances. In between states of being.
It is the 'luggage' that has had to be left behind, and never recovered, that can leave the deepest scars of conflict and separation.

Knowles exhibition image

Heather La Bash | After Yoko: after screaming, where does the sky end?

Monoprint & Mixed Media

The land, the sky, the cosmopolitan, nationalism, psychogeography, borders....theoretical? real? transcendent?....or... one small point, reaching out..... we are screaming Yoko.....but after screaming, where does the sky end?

La Bash exhibition image

Sarah Larsen | AFLOAT (1/1)*

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas with collaged mono and gel printed imagery on tissue and Hosho papers with autographical drawing

    *(Set of 4)

This work explores space as described in the Japanese concept of Ma. It flows on from a series of drawings recently created exploring this concept.

As with music, Japanese gardens and poetry value the space between objects that is as important as the objects themselves and carry the same weight.

Larsen exhibition image

Amanda Lawrence | A Floating Paradox

Dry Point Intaglio, hand coloured with mica powder

Janthina janthina vs Physalia physalis.

The delicate and insignificant Violet Snail preys upon the Blue Bottle - a colony of creatures which humans fear. Both float on the ocean currents, unable to control their fate.

Keoki Stender photograph used as reference.

Lawrence exhibition image

Niloufar Lovegrove | Water, Wave, Wind

Lino print

Water being soft and humble
    yet powerful,
The Waves bringing bliss
    and sorrow,
Wind in the hair surfing along.

Lovegrove exhibition image

Peta Lloyd | Boro Boro the Magic Boat

Cyanotype prints, vintage Japanese indigo and rusted fabrics

I have combined scraps of cyanotype printed fabrics, rusted fabrics and vintage Japanese indigo dyed fabrics to create this Boro, (something tattered or repaired), inspired textile.

The feeling of being afloat in my magic boat as it traverses a patchwork of sea, sky and land is both exhilarating and meditative.

    As exhibited and boat detail (right)

Lloyd exhibition image

Belinda McGrath with Shannon McCallum | Defiance

Reduction lino print on hosho

 exhibition image

Belinda McGrath with Shannon McCallum | Silence

Reduction lino print on broken crockery

    As exhibited (left), detail (right up and down)

Mcgrath/McCallum exhibition image

Alys Mendus | Refugee [September 2022 on Darumbal Country, Australia]

Mixed Media - Cyanotype papercut print on linen, with lino print on paper, needle felted background

I helped refugees landing on the beaches of Lesbos in 2015. The colour orange stays with me - orange of the lifejackets left strewn on the beaches, reminders of the lives - the pregnant women, young children, old people and unaccompanied minors. Now, as a parent this piece feels even more poignant.

Mendus exhibition image

Sally North | AFLOAT

Cyanolumen, Unique Print. Cyanotype on Photographic Paper

AFLOAT | buoyant; suspended; drifting -- Floating in water.

This print gives the impression of objects floating in water. Will they wallow, slowly sink and disappear into the depths or will they drift and stay afloat... a mirror of our lives.

North exhibition image

Sambuddhananda Saraswati | Afloat on an Ocean of Bliss (Ananda Samudra)

Intaglio dry point, watercolour and silk screen printing in oils

And where is this bliss?
    Stay still
    Become aware of your body
    Become aware of your breath
    Look inside
    Be patient
    That's all!

Saraswati exhibition image

Phillipa Sturgess | A House of Glass and Stone

Lino print on paper with encaustic wax finish

This image is inspired by the synergy between the new Rockhampton Museum of Art building and the Customs House, which provides new ways to view the historic structure. Here the sandstone building appears as a deconstructed fantasy floating on the reflecting glass wall.

Sturgess exhibition image

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