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Catalogue | 10th Annual Exhibition "Neighbourhood"

29 October - 7 November 2021 | Walter Reid Gallery

Member's annual exhibition with works related to the theme Neighbourhood.

Opening night guest speakers: Dee Muir, Dee Muir Design and Colin Strydom, Design + Architecture.

Selection of 15 x 15cm blocks

Each member exhibiting also prepared one or more 15 x 15cm block mounted prints for use with the Exhibition raffle, etc.

Ex10 Invitation

Prints from the Inaugural Exhibition '1', 2012, were also on exhibit and available for sale. [Exhibition 1 Catalogue]

Prints displayed below in alphabetic order by artist. Apologies for any reflections or other image aberations, not all of the prints were photographed before going behind glass.

Garden of hope

Nanette Balchin, 2021

Fabric collage using monoprints and gelli plate prints on various fabrics, hoshu and mulberry papers, machine embroidery, vilene fusible fabric.

Neighbourhood for me symbolizes a desire and belief in connectedness, not just in your own immediate locality and community but in the bigger sense of a global neighbourhood. I chose to see the world through the lens of humanness and optimism Š we are all one, we are all connected in our global community.

My bold and organic mandala form expresses a sense of unity and optimism and applies a metaphor of a 'garden of hope'.

Exhibited print

The long shadow of the saltmarsh weed II

Michelle Black, 2021

S/P Triptych | Collagraph and drypoint on cotton rag paper

Sunsets, red in the summer; grass flowers glowing at the close of day. Hazy vistas beyond the expanse of mangrove-fringed salty plains, Gai-i and the Berserker ranges in the distance appearing like torn strips of tissue paper, layer upon layer. Remains of fence lines from long-gone pastoral leases. Red-tinged gravel and waterlogged sediment, oozing. Watery remnants of high tide, mercury-like as the last moments of sun are reflected on the surface. Long shadows of the saltmarsh weeds.

This print was created using sediment and grit from the saltpans of Emu Park, embossed into and glued onto the printing matrix; and drypoint etchings of the long shadow of a saltmarsh weed.

Exhibited print

The long shadow of the saltmarsh weed IV

Michelle Black, 2021

S/P Diptych | Collagraph, drypoint and wax on cotton rag paper, mounted on board

Exhibited print

Our Neighbourhood

Linda Douglas, 2021

Unique | Monoprint and linoprint on paper

The houses in a neighbourhood are representative of the diversity of those living there.

Exhibited print

Dwellings that we call home

Linda Douglas, 2021

Linoprints on paper, ceramic slab-built home, 2 artists books

When we think of 'neighbourhood', it is not just the homes we live in or the humans living within it that we conjure, but also the biotic community that works together. It is also a symbiotic community where all living things share that space. Two artists books express all the elements we find in a community and at some time or other, what makes a neighbourhood function is those many acts of kindness.

Exhibited print/ceramic

Street Cars

Angela Heffer, 2021

Artist Proof | Collagraph on paper, hand coloured

Nothing says 'Neighbourhood' more than a free community event. My print is inspired by 'RockyNats' where people from all walks of life turned out on verges and footpaths for a common purpose - to enjoy the smell, sound and smoke of lovingly modified street machines. My print is a bit dirty and a bit colourful at the same time.

Exhibited print

Dune Bubble

Michele Kershaw, 2021

Single Proof | Paper etching, monoprint, block stamps with Glassine and hand drawn overlay

Dune Bubble was created in a fun way, experimenting with layers and materials at hand. The outlook from my studio provided the inspiration while sensory factors contributed to the colour texture and the layers which are built up to inform the work.

Exhibited print

How does your garden grow

Carmel Knowles

Unique print | Hand coloured cyanotype

Ours is an old, randomly planted garden, much of it grown from cuttings or plant gifts from neighbours, family and friends. However, there's not a lot of 'vase happy' flowers. For the last 30 plus years, I get flowers from Daphne at the community market in our neighbourhood every Saturday morning. Every bunch is a surprise as to what's in bloom in Daphne's very old, randomly planted flower garden.

Exhibited print

The Pollinators

Carmel Knowles, 2021

Unique print | Hand coloured cyanotype with collage

A sentimental, nostalgic look at life in our neighbourhood with the pollinators.

Living in the flight path of Fig Tree Creek to Byfield and living with fruit trees, we were destined to be night neighbours. Some seasons itÕs a quick fly by but in mango season it's a particularly gregarious, delicious time for all of us.

Some things don't change.

Exhibited print

Dusty Links 1

Sarah Larsen, 2021

Assemblage with gelli print, collagraph print and with autographical drawing and thread

My inspiration came from the landscape surrounding our farming property. Using these colours, textures and forms I created a series of gelli and collagraph prints. They depict the mining impact and human influence whilst retaining the open space and the dusty loose but tangible connections. I added drawn elements then assembled the completed prints into cubes, a man made construct, loosely threaded to emphasise the transient nature of life.

Exhibited print

Dusty Links 2A

Sarah Larsen, 2021

Gelli print, collagraph print with autographical drawing

My inspiration came from the landscape surrounding our farming property. Dry and dusty, infrequent settlements, mining impact, open space, and dusty loose but tangible connections.

We are linked by the weather, the space, the land, our work: our tracks left etched on the landscape.

Exhibited print

Blue Moon

Peta Lloyd, 2021

Unique | Monoprints on hand dyed textiles, machine and hand stitching

The 'blueness' of a full moon rising over the countryside surrounding my home is a most spectacular sight, it beams a wonderful soft light across the sea and the hills and the homes in my neck of the woods. I am in awe of the power of 'her' as I reflect on life sitting atop my small hill within a neighbourhood of many small hills, creek beds, gum trees, the sea, the islands, the cactus plants, and the blue moon.

Exhibited print

Blood Moon

Peta Lloyd, 2021

Unique | Monoprints on hand dyed textiles, machine and hand stitching

There is a saying: 'once in a blue moon', meaning 'not very often', but what about the blood moon? It's an even rarer event and a bold sight to witness as it casts its eerie light across the property where I live, across my community, across Queensland and all our beautiful country. We are all one as we lift our eyes to the sky to seek out the beautiful sight of the 'blood moon'.

Exhibited print

Thundering grounds

Niloufar Lovegrove, 2021

Open Edition 1 | Lino print

When there are no more tears in the cloud, all will fall. In our neighbourhood not too far away people's lives especially women are on shaky grounds as the war for power, ideology, religion, education and freedom are all around women's existence and what minimal life standard she is allowed to dream about.

Exhibited print


Belinda McGrath, 2021

1/1 | Relief lino print on canvas

This is a house in my neighbourhood, I've always loved the juxtaposition of the geometric shape of the house against the organic flora around it.

Exhibited print

Black summer fires, no chance of rain!

Yvonne Moloney-Law, 2021

Unique colour variation 1 | Fine particle etching; intaglio print on BK Rives 300gsm cotton paper

Family, neighbours, farmers watch on cautiously as the sun scorches the lands at Cobraball, on the Capricorn Coast.

Crisp, are the dry grasses underfoot, humidity is low, a strong wind gusts from the west, it's sweltering and there is no chance of rain. A monster emerges over the hill, as we pray for a shift in wind direction.

Today will be hazardous for the green tree frog, of the Darumbal, with no chance of rain!

Exhibited print

Black summer fires, in the line of fire

Yvonne Moloney-Law, 2021

Unique colour variation 2 | Fine particle etching; intaglio print on BK Rives 300gsm cotton paper

'I was thrust into insignificance' our neighbourhood is in the line of fire, with echoes of sirens, warnings to activate your fire plan and prepare to leave with treasured possessions stowed.

Landholders formulated their best and safest escape plan. It will be days of endless anxiety, no sleep, a constant buzz of water bombing and sirens silhouetted through the haze of smoke hanging thickly through every home in the line of fire; at Cobraball, Bondoola, Bungundarra, Barmaryee and onto Yeppoon.

Exhibited print

Black summer fires, smoke and ash

Yvonne Moloney-Law, 2021

Unique colour variation 3 | Fine particle etching; intaglio print on BK Rives 300gsm cotton paper

'Fire and ash', relics and textures exposed, a landscape scorched, a hazy veil of smoke slowly divulges the aftermath of the firestorm.

Each new sunrise signifies endless new beginnings, uniting the neighbourhood of the Capricorn Coast, with offers of assistance, kindness and empathy.

This traumatic event of smoke and ash, the Cobraball fires, revealed a humanity of kindness. Those who once were strangers are now our neighbours.

Exhibited print

Urban Shapes

Sally North, 2021

Triptych Variation 1/1 | Collagraph Print

Urban neighbourhoods. My school days were in a suburban neighbourhood, and I have always been captivated by the multitude of shapes and lines of these urban environments, the shapes within larger shapes, macro and micro.

Exhibited print

Tales from my neighbourhood

Sambuddhananda Saraswati

Variation 1 | Dry point etching with a la poupee and watercolour on Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm paper

Some years ago I lived across the road from the beach. Wonderful in summer! I would nip across the road for a swim.

However, I would take my bottle of vinegar with me and chant a little mantra: "stingers and sharks, be aware". Then one day on the news a crocodile was sighted on one of the Yeppoon beaches.

My mantra changed to: "sharks, stingers and crocodiles, be bloody aware". That is just one tale.

Exhibited print


Marie Seeman, 2021

Unique | Collagraph

These diverse hands are reaching out for something, some are in reach and one is not in reach. The plate is symbolic of health, education, employment, housing etc.

The hands represent the different levels of advantage and disadvantage as reflected in the Australian Census Data. People have different experiences of access to different things across geographic areas of the country.

Exhibited print

For Bridgie: Beloved Daughter

Phillipa Sturgess, 2021

1/3 | Reduction lino-print with pencil

Strolling through the cemetery gives a sense of the neighbourhood through time. From the impressive monument dedicated to 14 year old Bridgie to the row of small unadorned crosses marking the graves of nuns, each headstone tells us something of the life commemorated and leaves us to consider the lives they touched.

Exhibited print


Lynn Zelmer, 2021

Unique | Hand printed lino and digital techniques with hand-cut decoupage printed on acid free paper

The multi-layered print combines hand printed lino and digital techniques with hand-cut decoupage to provide a sombre glimpse of the world beyond our current political barriers and public health regulations.

Exhibited print

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