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Coming Soon: All meetings/activities cancelled/postponed until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions

Hopefully your self-isolation includes access to your studio! We hope you are all well and fully stocked up. The good news is that Art doesn't go off. So it is still worth doing the work now in anticipation of future exhibition.
Double Exposure V, 2020, Kern Arcade 4Lease Gallery, 25 June - 12 July 2020

Double Exposure is a collaborative project with the Rockhampton Photography Club.

We match each printmaker with a photographer and the pair then work together on producing work(s) for the exhibition. This may cover any theme and the work can be produced in any way that you wish. Some ideas are listed on the attached information sheet but the possibilities of combining photographic and printing work together are endless. The results in past years have made for very highly regarded exhibitions.

Information for participants

Hello fellow Double Exposurers

The Coronavirus shut-down has certainly thrown all our lives into some level of disarray. I hope that you and yours are coping well with whatever situation you have found yourself in.

Of course none of us know how this is all going to progress so we are putting this year's Double Exposure exhibition on hold indefinitely. We will have the exhibition at some point - maybe later this year but maybe not until next year. We will keep assessing the situation for an opportunity and keep you posted.

In the meantime, I know that some of you had reached a point with your Double Exposure project that allows you to continue with your creations, and we encourage you to do that. Sooner or later your hard work will have its time in the sun.

However some of you have let us know that you are unable to make any progress at the moment - can't get together with your partner or can't get outside to take the photos you need or other restrictions, while the shut down continues. If you are happy with the plans your pair has made but you are not able to work on it right now, be patient and get back to it when you can. We will be sure to allow for more working time when we start looking for a new exhibition date.

If you have not been able to get started at all, or your situation has changed, don't worry. When things start to look up again we will check in with everyone about your situation and make any adjustments to pairings that might be necessary to ensure that everyone is able to be involved.

Phillipa and the DE Committee.

International Print Day in May, Saturday 2 May, open studio, printing activity, pop-up shop
WRCC Members Exhibition, 24-26 July 2020 during the 2020 Rockhampton River Festival, Walter Reid Cultural Centre Gallery
Ninth Annual CPI Exhibition, "Water Theme", 7-18 October 2020, Walter Reid Cultural Centre Gallery
Christmas Open Day, Saturday 28 November, studio and pop-up shop
2020 CPI Meeting Dates

Postponed - General meeting, Annual General Meeting and Planning session. Start at 10 am to discuss Mission Statement and strategic direction of the group. Following on to the meetings around 2. Bring lunch.

May 31, Sunday - General meeting 1 pm

August 2, Sunday - General Meeting 1pm

September 27, Sunday - General Meeting 1pm

November 29, Sunday - Meeting and Christmas social event

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Recently Completed...

Open Day and Pop-Up Shop, Saturday 14 December 2019, Studio, Walter Reid Cultural Centre.

Printable A4 poster (portrait style)

191214 Pop-Up Shop 191214 Pop-Up Shop

191214 Pop-Up Shop

191214 OpenDay 191214 OpenDay

Block Printing Christmas Gifts with Nellie Lovegrove, Saturday 23 November 2019, WRCC

Creating Christmas gifts and cards, making stamps and blocks to print your own designs!

block printing workshop block printing workshop

block printing workshop block printing workshop

block printing workshop block printing workshop

block printing workshop block printing workshop

block printing workshop block printing workshop

Monoprinted Flag Book with Peta Lloyd, Saturday 2 November 2019, WRCC.

Monoprint/Flag Book workshop Monoprint/Flag Book workshop

Peta showing assembly of three flag book using monoprinted flags (left) and participants at work (right).

Once mastered, you will be able to create flag books in a range of sizes using a variety of materials for the 'flags'.

Monoprint/Flag Book workshop Monoprint/Flag Book workshop

Concertina practice (left) and final bound books with monoprinted flags (right above and right).

Monoprint/Flag Book workshop Monoprint/Flag Book workshop Monoprint/Flag Book workshop

Silk Screen Printing -- Member's Play Day, 26 October 2019 (Walter Reid Cultural Centre). Presented by Carmel Knowles with a focus on fabric printing.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing Screen Printing

Masu Boxes and Moscato with Amanda Lawrence, 4 October 2019 (Walter Reid Cultural Centre).

"You'll carve your own stamps to print paper with repeating patterns. Then use your unique paper to create Masu Boxes. This origami box with a lid is perfect for trinkets and gifts."

Masu Box workshop

OFF THE WALL, 17-28 September 2019 (Walter Reid Cultural Centre). Eighth annual CPI exhibition, a range of unique and variable editions of original fine art prints -- on paper, textiles, artist books and sculpture. Opening guest speaker was Erin Dunne, winner of the 2019 Bayton Award and 2018 Queensland Regional Art Award.

OTW invitation

Overwintering Project, late July 2019 mailing. Money raised by the Overwintering Project is going into research and raising awareness of the hardy migratory birds that call Australia home for part of their lives.

Overwintering Exhibition, CDU 2019

Rhythms, 5-14 July 2019 (Walter Reid Cultural Centre Artists).

Rhythms poster

Riverfest Drop-In Workshop, 13 July 2019, in the CPI Studio.

Riverfest 2019 Workshop poster

Riverfest 2019 Workshop poster

Double Exposure, IV - 27 May to 16 June 2019, an annual collaborative exhibition with the Rockhampton Photography Club.

DE2019 invitation front

DE2019 invitation back

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